Our Staff

Naveen Kodadhala is director of food & beverage services, for The Ranchers Club and also The Atherton Hotel. In addition to managing operations, he creates new and innovative products for the restaurant that focus on enhancing quality guest experiences and fine dining standards. Kodadhala graduated from OSU with a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration. He also earned his Master of Science in Hospitality Administration from OSU. Kodadhala has many years of progressive experience in the hospitality industry and previously served as the banquet captain/teaching assistant at The Ranchers Club from 2004-2007. Prior to rejoining The Ranchers Club, Kodadhala served as Stillwater Medical Center’s hospitality manager.

Josh Barnard is the general manager of the Atherton Hotel and director of hotel operations. He earned his Master of Science degree from OSU in Hospitality Administration. In addition to working five years in the hotel business, Josh brings to the Atherton eight years of progressive financial and management experience earned while with Stillwater’s Liberty Federal Savings Bank.